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Paternity Attorney in St. Louis, Missouri

Petition for Child Custody by Establishing Paternity

Paternity Rights are rights a father has to the minor child when he was never married to the child's mother.

When the parents of a child are not married at the beginning of the pregnancy or when the child is born, the father virtually has no legal rights to custody and visitation. The father, mother, or a third party on behalf of the child, must seek a declaration of paternity to legally establish a parent-child relationship with the father.

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How to Establish Paternity in Missouri

In order to seek child custody, support, or visitation in St. Louis and Webster Groves, Missouri, you must prove that you're the child's legal father. Working with a father's rights attorney like Catherine Grantham can help you establish the paternity you deserve.

By establishing paternity, the father will receive several important legal rights: 

  • A court order for custody and visitation.

  • A court order giving you say in certain legal decisions regarding the child.

By establishing paternity, you will also give your child the rights and benefits enjoyed by children born to married parents:

  • Information regarding the family medical history of the father (in case of inherited health problems)

  • Medical or life insurance from either parent (if available).

  • Financial support from both parents, including child support, Social Security, veterans benefits and military allowances (if applicable), and inheritance

  • Legal proof of each parent's identity.

You deserve to work with an experienced paternity attorney. Contact Catherine Grantham Family Law today to schedule a consultation with a father's rights attorney in Webster Groves, and St. Louis, Missouri.

3 Ways to Establish Paternity

It can be hard to be there for your children when you haven't legally claimed your paternity. Thankfully, Catherine Grantham Family Law can help. Catherine Grantham is a skilled paternity attorney in Webster Groves and St. Louis, Missouri that will assist you during every step of the process. You can establish paternity by:

  1. Taking a DNA test.

  2. Putting your name on your child's birth certificate.

  3. Signing a form with your child's mother where you both agree that you're the father.

If you're not married to the mother of your children, it's vital to work with a family law attorney to establish your paternity as soon as possible. A family law attorney can help you get custody and visitation rights to help you and your child enjoy a closer relationship. Set up an appointment with paternity attorney Grantham today.