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Do You Need to Change a Child Custody Agreement?

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When a parenting plan is finalized by agreement or a court decision, formal modification of that parenting plan requires court action. Any domestic relations order can be modified if certain criteria are met. If you need to modify your agreement at any time, call your local child support attorney. Catherine Grantham Family Law provides top-notch service to residents in St. Louis, Webster Groves, Missouri, and their surrounding areas.

The two most common areas of modification are:

  • Where child custody and visitation are involved;

  • Where a party's financial situation has materially changed.

    As your modification attorney, Catherine Grantham will assist you through the process and make sure that the party moving to modify the parenting plan can prove the following:

  1. A substantial change has occurred in the circumstances of the child or custodial parent since the time of the entry of the original parenting plan

  2. The child's best interests will be furthered by a modification to the parenting plan.

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Parenting plan modifications can include changes in residence or schedules that make the original parenting plan impractical or even impossible to follow. They can also include changes that adjust the schedule to work better for the child and the parents. Examples of modifications can include;

  • Change in location of pick-up/drop-off for the child

  • Changes in times for pick-up/drop off

  • Transportation arrangements

  • Changes in child care or supervision

  • Custody changes

  • Changes in the residential parent

  • Changes or clarifications to previously agreed-upon items that the parents had placed within the parenting plan

Parenting plan modifications can be difficult and complex to navigate. However, Catherine Grantham has been a child support attorney for 15 years and as a solo practitioner, she can give more attention to your case than other attorneys in the St. Louis and Webster Groves, Missouri, areas. With her help, the journey will be easier and less emotional for the parties involved. Call us today to speak with attorney Grantham personally.

Update Your Custody Arrangement

Your life is always changing, so your custody agreement should change too. If you need a modification attorney in St. Louis or Webster Groves, Missouri, turn to Catherine Grantham Family Law. Our family law firm can help you update your current arrangement to better benefit your children by revisiting your:

  • Custody rights

  • Visitation rights

  • Child support plan

  • Medical support plan

Working with a family law firm can be particularly beneficial if your financial situation or your child's cost of living has recently changed. Schedule an appointment with modification attorney Grantham today to discuss your case.