Providing Legal Support for Families in Webster Groves, MO

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Navigating family matters is always stressful, but when the law becomes involved, it can feel impossible to handle things on your own. Catherine Grantham Family Law is here to help you by offering legal assistance for individuals and families in Webster Groves, MO. Whether you're going through a divorce or trying to gain custody of your child, our attorney will be here to guide you through the legal process.

Attorney Catherine Grantham has lived and worked in the Webster Groves, MO area for more than 25 years and knows the Missouri legal system inside and out. Schedule an appointment with her today by calling 314-596-8371.

How can attorney Grantham help you?

No matter what legal matters you're facing, the judicial system can be an intimating one. Thankfully, you're not in this alone. Attorney Grantham can assist you if you're...

  • Separating from your spouse or partner
  • Seeking custody of your child or children
  • Trying to determine paternity of a child
  • Pursuing guardianship of a child or adult in need
Obtaining legal representation is the first step in moving this journey forward. Get in touch with us to set up a consultation in Webster Groves, MO.